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Contact Lenses: Top Tips for Avoiding Serious Eye Infections

By Alice Russell / November 14, 2015

Furthermore, the effectiveness of this test based on the PSA is discussed, as explained in the article published in February 2012 in Sciences et Avenir (see below). In 2010 HAS had already rejected this screening for the general male population. Since then, an American expert has criticized the inefficiency of the PSA test for cancer […]


Mental Wellness * The Secret From The Miracle In Our Sensations

By Alice Russell / November 4, 2015

Faced with this cancer, the situation is complex and controversial former. As for “for”, urologists are the physicians, who consider that this test, coupled with a digital rectal examination, represents an additional opportunity to detect early cancer localized aggressive and treat. These specialists have so long recommended screening for over 50 years. But in the […]


Public Health Professions For Brand Spanking New Students

By Alice Russell / November 4, 2015

To understand the issues of this bitter confrontation, we must bear in mind the two main reasons behind the discord: The first is the nature of the test: contrary to what one might think, the protein PSA is not specific for prostate cancer, but simply of the prostate gland. In other words, the rate can […]


Health Food Stores Natural

By Alice Russell / October 4, 2015

But the results from the monitoring of large sets of population, always heavy to implement, have been slow. Concerned, however, some practitioners have sounded the alarm, like Prof. Jacob Cukier, former urologist at theNeckerHospital(Paris) who signed in 1997 an article entitled Prostate cancer: a plea for weighting. The benefits of early diagnosis remain to be […]


What’s Psychological Well being?

By Alice Russell / October 3, 2015

However, the European study, with follow-up on nine years of almost 163,000 men, showed that the effectiveness of screening remained very modest, the authors have calculated that it would identify 1410 men and treat 48 to avoid a … one death from cancer. A “public health disaster” But it is ultimately theU.S.findings of the USPSTF […]


Home Health Care Certification

By Alice Russell / June 2, 2015

 “In fact, the discourse of urologists has gradually evolved. The “recommended for all men over 50 years” of the early 2000s has given way to a “case by case approach,” “taking into account the characteristics of cancer, prostate, and of course the patient also his personal choice. That is why that we need a fair […]


Eye Health : Maintaining Ideal Eye Health

By Alice Russell / March 28, 2015

Some men prefer to measure their PSA levels to defuse their anxiety, even at the price risk of exploration and treatment. Others, instead, opt for abstention. However, some data may be crucial.  Family history or African ancestry, for example-two known risk factors-guide easier to carry out the test, the decision obviously depending on the quality […]

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